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First encoded movie on 2K system in Nepal developed by Digital Cinema Nepal.

  • Released at all 2K screens on Feb 13,2015 (Was 18 screens at that time)at a First time in Nepal.
  • First time released of Nepali movie in international market on it's 2K system.
  • Released in US at Apple Cinemas,Bostan on March 3,2015.



Chinmaya Subedarni, the powerful matriarch of a sleepy village in Nepal, is preparing for her son’s wedding when Suntali returns with a menacing foreigner in tow. Suntali befriends the village tailor, rekindles a relationship with Chinmaya's son Sundar, and armed with great resolve and sharp cunning Suntali deftly spins a web of deception, building up her vengeance against Chinmaya by getting the village men to do her bidding. As we find out why Suntali wants revenge, Chinmaya also wises up to Suntali's plot and initiates her own plan to destroy Suntali. Their feud will leave the hearts and minds of half of the village devastated, because only one of them will win.